This may be a suitable substitute for your fun run options for Fall 2020 

Ultra Fun Run of Arizona 


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As we continue to navigate our way through the process of creating the "new normal" of life after COVID-19, we thought we would share a glimpse of what a virtual Jog-A-Thon might look like.

First, not everything will change, we will still kick off each schools's event with an exciting and motivating presentation.  This year, however, the presentation will be shared virtually using a teleconferencing platform where teachers and students will watch the assembly in their classroom.  Also, like in years past, sponsors will be able to make a flat donation to support the school and student. This year, rather than having the option to pledge for each lap a student runs/walks, sponsors will have the option to pledge per minute.  Since the actual running/walking will take place mostly at home, our focus is to make it easy for the parents to track their child's efforts.

During the two-week pledge period:  The second biggest change will be that students will accumulate their minutes ran/walked over the two week fundraising period rather than during a one-day event.  All students will attempt to run or walk for at least 100 minutes-this translates to 10 minutes a day for 10 days.  Parents will use the Ultra Fun Run parent/sponsor portal to log their child's daily minutes.  Some schools may choose to provide opportunities to run/walk at school and to log minutes for their students.

One the day of the Jog-A-thon event:  On that same day students will run or walk at least 20 minutes more at home.  Using the same parent/student portal, parents will record the number of minutes their child ran or walked.

Pledges:  Per-minute pledges will be based on total minutes completed for the entire two-week period.  Pledges start at $0.25 per minute and go up to $1.00 per minute.  For students who do not achieve their goal of running or walking 100 minutes, there will be a minimum total of $25 charged.

As we speak with PTA members, parents and administrators, we continue to learn new information and develop more ideas. With that said, some of this may change.  The key right now is FLEXIBILITY as we all work together to create the "new normal".

Stay safe, and please feel free to contact us with any thoughts or questions you may have.